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In an effort to create a schedule that would allow for both long term planning as well as spontaneous events, Timbercrest designed a schedule with an equitable, but flexible formula. Timbercrest’s “My Schedule” software designed especially for Timbercrest will allow you, our member a user friendly, no hassle way of coming to spend time at your home. The software can be accessed 24-7 via the internet anywhere, and will even reserve as well as confirm your check-in.

At the beginning of a club year all owners for each separate home will submit a “top ten” list of dates they would like to stay. When an owner purchases at Timbercrest they are assigned a number based on the order in which they purchased. The order, while not ranking the owners, merely puts a chronological list together for each home. In 1/12 homes the list will be 1 through 12 owners and 1/8 homes will be 1 through 8 owners. Every year following, all owners will rotate in the cycle. That rotation order determines only that years rank for selecting “top ten” planned weeks. When an owners name is reached they will be given a selection based on availability and their prioritized top ten list.

For example: Bill bought home #123 (which is a 1/8 home) and was the fifth owner. Year one: Owner 1 chose one week from his/her top ten list and of course being first was able to secure their top choice. Owner 2 chose next his/her one week and was able to secure their top choice. Owner 3 chose next his/her week, but their first choice was not available so they were able to secure the next highest choice on their prioritized top ten list. Owner 4 chose next, and then Bill (owner 5). After which owners 6,7,8 all chose their weeks. That rotation then starts again until all planned weeks are chosen. (1/8 homes have 4 planned weeks and 1/12 homes have 2 planned weeks.)

The following year every owner submits a new “top ten” list and the order rotates for selection. The following years rotate perpetually. Planned weeks are only scheduled in the home purchased. Planned weeks are the only weeks that can be rented. This system is fair and flexible, giving all owners equal opportunity to use their second home. All planned weeks are scheduled first and then other reservations such as open and spontaneous are permitted.

Two week option: owners may choose to exercise a two week option in which they give up the next rotation’s selection for two weeks consecutively.

Back to the example: Bill who chose 5th exercises a two week option and chooses two weeks back to back. Bill does not chose the next rotation, but afterwards resumes his rank. This option is especially rewarding to long distance owners who have the opportunity to come less often.

Flex time: If you are lucky enough to come more often, there are approximately 20 weeks available in 1/8 homes and 28 weeks available in 1/12 homes. This time is chosen with two types of reservations namely “open” and “spontaneous”. Each name refers to the style of reservation and both types are reusable. An open reservation is scheduled anytime within a club year. A spontaneous reservation can be scheduled 2-14 days in advance. Owners can have one of each style of reservation at a time, and can obtain more directly after using the reservation they have. Only allowing owners to schedule these two types of reservations at a time keeps the schedule clear and open. Based on availability an owner can come as much as they would like and use any home at Timbercrest. (See services for fees related to multiple stays.)

Rentals: To provide owners protection, Timbercrest Management screens all applicants who wish to rent at Timbercrest even if they are clients of owners. A planned week reservation is the only type of reservation that can be rented by owners. Both open and spontaneous style reservation weeks are not to be rented. A management fee of 20% will be charged to all owners for administration who wish to rent their planned weeks. Guests of owners can come anytime based on planned, open, or spontaneous reservation weeks. Owners are responsible for their guests as well as clients they rent to.

Any time not scheduled by members will be rented for the Home owners association (HOA) fund to offset expenses to the HOA. These rentals are still assessed 20% administration fee.